Uber sued for breaking the marriage

A businessman from the French city of Côte d’Azur sues Uber for breaking his marriage. He claims $ 45 million in compensation from the US company for the loss suffered.

Uber has so many legal disputes in different markets that it is difficult to count them all. But at the forefront in terms of curiosity comes a very unusual claim filed by one of the French citizens, who accused the company of his marriage.

The Côte d’Azur businessman wrote in his statement that the error in the mobile application that served the Uber taxi provided his wife with information on where he was staying. Husband borrowed her iPhone to sign in to the app and call a taxi. Although he logged out of the program, but the woman’s smartphone came with a notification linked to her husband’s account. The man claims to have known the location he went to.

Although no information was disclosed as to the direct cause of the divorce, the businessman apparently denied everything, not just to the fact that he was caught. He calls the company UBER, claiming 45 million euros in damages.

His chance of winning in this process is very small indeed. Journalists Le Figaro decided to check whether the wife actually was able to receive notification of the location of her husband. So they repeated the whole situation, and though the iPhone actually came to the notice of another person’s account, it did not contain any location data.