Sea Wasp will disarm any underwater cargo

According to media reports, the threat of terrorists has increased significantly over the last few years, which increasingly expose explosives. Uniformed services need to have more and better equipment to disarm them, and one of the latest ideas to get rid of such a threat, Saab said.

The company once known for the production of robust passenger cars now carries out projects in completely different fields, and one of the newest is a mining robot named Sea Wasp. This is a remotely controlled underwater robot specially designed for disarming improvised explosives.

The machine features a built-in sonar for detecting obstacles while swimming and locating the threat, as well as a mechanical manipulator by which it transfers and sometimes disarms detected explosives. The Sea Wasp also features a highly advanced control system that offers great freedom of movement and the ability to be positioned in virtually any position so that it can easily reach the cargo even when it is attached to the bottom of the ship.

Sea Wasp, unlike many similar solutions, is not just a project. Saab has already provided several robot prototypes for the FBI, the Southern California anti-terror unit, and the Navy. All three government agencies will test the new technology for the next 12 months, testing its suitability in various simulated scenarios.