The second condemned in a scandal with pictures of naked celebrytek

Although the scandal with the advent of thousands of nude photos and celebrity-themed movies has gone far beyond oblivion, the courts are still addressing the issue. And just another convicted person hacked into the account, which is a Chicago resident nicknamed Edward Majerczyk.

I recall that a few years ago, hackers using phishing got into their iCloud logins and passwords, where many celebrities kept their private material, also erotic. Thousands of naked stars, athletes and songwriters were leaked to the network and severely damaged their media image.

The FBI quickly caught one of the perpetrators of Ryan Collins, but the investigation revealed that the man could not act alone, so began searching for other involved. One of them is Chicago resident Edward Majerczyk, who has just been convicted of computer crimes. Man using phishing, he obtained passwords for iCloud accounts and Gmail mailboxes, which belong to over 300 people, including 30 celebs.

The prosecutor demanded five years’ imprisonment, but the court found it was enough for him to serve a prison sentence of 6 to 12 months. Interestingly, Majestic probably has nothing to do with Coliins and he seems to have acted on his own.…

Hackers hacked into the arrested base

American service has shown a lot of incompetence. Hackers from the Crackas With Attitude group have been able to break JABS security. This is a database containing the names of all the people who have been arrested on their account.

The Crackas With Attitude Group has long been severely labeled by the American service. Earlier this year, members broke into the personal mail account of CIA director John Brenner and published many classified information. Now they have succeeded in making another breakthrough on the much more secure purpose of the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS).

This is a secure database that is accessible to FBI agents and uniformed services, including data on the detainees, as well as tools to share information about terrorist attacks and active killers. There are also police informant data.

It is not known how hackers got into the database, but it is known for sure that such an attack took place because they themselves praised it by posting on the web screen. Cybercriminals have used it to obtain the names and personal data of some 3,000 government employees who have already been posted online.…

Android and IOS accepted by pentagon

So far, officials in the Pentagon have been meeting in the corridors of their BlackBerry. But soon enough, a frequent visitor might be an iPhone user or a Galaxy smartphone.

And that is because the Department of Defense has finally decided to expand the number of handsets available for use in the Pentagon. In a few weeks, security certifications will be released for Samsung Galaxy phones, as well as for iPhone and iPad.

New smartphones must be adequately protected against unauthorized access, so that they can send and receive confidential email correspondence.

The message is quite surprising, especially as the iPhone spies the user at every step, and Android is full of various viruses and worms that can take control of the device. Military specialists, so they will have to work hard to adequately protect this equipment.…

Uber sued for breaking the marriage

A businessman from the French city of Côte d’Azur sues Uber for breaking his marriage. He claims $ 45 million in compensation from the US company for the loss suffered.

Uber has so many legal disputes in different markets that it is difficult to count them all. But at the forefront in terms of curiosity comes a very unusual claim filed by one of the French citizens, who accused the company of his marriage.

The Côte d’Azur businessman wrote in his statement that the error in the mobile application that served the Uber taxi provided his wife with information on where he was staying. Husband borrowed her iPhone to sign in to the app and call a taxi. Although he logged out of the program, but the woman’s smartphone came with a notification linked to her husband’s account. The man claims to have known the location he went to.

Although no information was disclosed as to the direct cause of the divorce, the businessman apparently denied everything, not just to the fact that he was caught. He calls the company UBER, claiming 45 million euros in damages.

His chance of winning in this process is very small indeed. Journalists Le Figaro decided to check whether the wife actually was able to receive notification of the location of her husband. So they repeated the whole situation, and though the iPhone actually came to the notice of another person’s account, it did not contain any location data.…

Scots build the largest floating power station

Only a few days ago, the Danish company Dong signed a contract to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm, which will be built near the UK, and the Scottish government has announced a similar project. Its purpose is to build the first floating wind farm.

The project called Hywind will be implemented by the Norwegian company Statoil and aims to create the first offshore wind farm in Britain. A complex of five 6 MW turbines will be installed on the coast of Peterhead and will be the largest of its kind in the world. Each turbine will be mounted on a steel cylinder mounted to the seabed with three sturdy steel cables.

According to official data, the farm will generate 135 GWh of electricity each year, which should suffice to supply electricity to 19,000 households.…

Cooler Master at Mobile World Congress 2012

Once again Cooler Master participates in the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which takes place in Barcelona from February 27 – March 1, 2012.

These exhibitions are the world’s largest event for the mobile device industry and related accessories, with particular focus on smartphones and tablets. Manufacturers operating in this market segment come from all over the world to showcase the latest products and technologies.

During the Mobile World Congress, Cooler Master presents a series of accessories designed for everyday life. These solutions focus on the protection and powering of mobile devices. You will be able to familiarize yourself with products dedicated to both your car and your home. All presented devices will be delivered to resellers throughout Europe later this year.

Cooler Master products presented during MWC:

Cooler Master will present at the fair a wide selection of accessories. Below is a snippet of a new portfolio for mobile devices.

1. Case for iPhone

Cooler Master offers a wide range of solutions for the reliable protection of your iPhon or iPod.

2. Case for iPhone and iPad

Take your iPhone or iPad with the new Cooler Master Elegance Collection. The waterproof material will be perfect for travel and synthetic wool will protect your device against impacts and scratches.

3. Portable energy banks for smartphones and tablets…

Solar Impulse 2 will overwhelm our globe

We already know the exact details of the journey around the world of the first solar plane, the Solar Impulse 2. The whole trip will last five months, with the aircraft flying 25 days in the air, overcoming a distance of over 35,000 kilometers and doing 12 stops along the way.

A few months ago, Solar Impulse announced a worldwide expedition aboard Solar Impulse 2, which is powered solely by solar energy. The expedition aims to show the world that in the future planes can function solely on renewable energy sources and will be as functional as the machines currently used.

We just got to know the exact details of this event, which will be attended by Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, pilots and co-founders of Solar Impulse. The expedition will start at the end of February or early March, and the aircraft will depart from Abu Dhabi in the Persian Gulf and then will head to Oman, India and China. Then beat the Pacific, stopping in Hawaii to take a few stops in the United States, then go to Europe, North Africa and finish the expedition in the place where it started.

The expedition will last five months, with the Solar Impulse 2 spending 25 days in total, covering a distance of 35,000 kilometers and stopping at 12 places in the world. The plane will fly both during the day and at night, and then the energy will be collected by special batteries that accumulate during the day.

Solar Impulse 2 is an airplane with a wingspan of up to 72 meters, so it is significantly larger than the Boeing 747, however, its weight is only 2300 kg. It was obtained through the use of carbon fiber, as well as the special technology used in racing yachts, which makes the plating three times lighter than paper. The machine is powered by four electric motors, which deliver 17,248 photovoltaic panels of just 135 microns thick, embedded in the wing surface and protected with fluorine copolymer. The energy produced by them is then stored in polymer batteries of a total weight of 633 kg.

Thanks to this drive the machine has almost unlimited range and moves at an average speed of 50-100 km / h.…

‘I Want My MTV’ Is Now ‘I Want My MStreamingTVApp’

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The Best Of Open Source Software Awards

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Industrial cleaners will improve air quality

In homes of many allergies, there are air purifiers which, thanks to special filters, remove all bacteria and allergens from them, significantly improving its quality. Hong Kong has decided to use such devices on a much larger scale and reduce the amount of urban air pollutants.

It can not be denied that rapidly developing China has a growing problem with air pollution, which is particularly acute in the largest cities, killing thousands of people every year. Natural ways to clean it do not pass the test, because trees in fast-growing metropolitan areas are rare, so it was decided to use technology for this purpose. Hong Kong is currently testing equipment developed under a new project named City Air Purification System, developed by Sino Green and ARUP.

Its goal is to build industrial air purifiers to reduce pollution by as much as 40 percent. As you can see in the picture below, the device resembles the size of a bus stop. Equipped with a special set of filters, it would purify the air from any impurities, so people standing near it could inhale it.

The 2 x 3 meter version is currently being tested, which is located on one of the busiest streets in Hong Kong. The cost of building such a device is about 77 thousand dollars, but the health of citizens. Meanwhile, the costs of the subsequent treatment of diseases caused by air pollution are much higher.…