Nuclear missiles will protect the planet from asteroids

Increasingly frequent asteroid passes near Earth show everyone that our planet is practically defenseless against cosmic rocks. In the meantime, hitting a suitably large asteroid would mean practically eliminating the whole of humanity. NASA is working on a system that would protect our world.

US space agency engineers working with the National Nuclear Security Administration are working on a system that would protect Earth from asteroids. Although such a threat is only theoretical for now, but one can not exclude that any of the cosmic rocks flying near our planet will slope off course and hit it.

NASA wants to protect us from such a scenario, so rocket and nuclear weapons specialists share their expertise in working out how to protect against asteroids.

Currently, the most effective weapon can be nuclear missiles. Computer simulations have shown that such weapons can completely disintegrate average diameter rocks from 49 to 138 meters. In the case of larger rocks, however, a slightly different use of armament would be required, which would allow the trajectory of its flight to be deflected without breaking into pieces. Destruction of the asteroid would cause rain of debris falling on our planet, and this would be catastrophic in effect.