NASA has a new way of testing rockets

NASA engineers have found a new way to test more rockets in aerodynamic tunnels. They use a special kind of pressure-sensitive paint that shows how the air resistance decomposes.

Designing rockets requires a lot of calculations and tests. They provide assurance that the design does not have any defects that could adversely affect the flight path and cause turbulence, which could lead to catastrophic consequences. Rockets are so often tested in aerodynamic tunnels, but without computer modeling, you can not see exactly how the air resistance affects the entire structure.

NASA engineers have come up with a way to help them. They began to use a special pressure sensitive paint that allows visualization of the forces acting on the rocket during accelerated-testing. The reaction with oxygen begins to shine, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where and with what force the air interacts on the plating of the rocket. As it looks in practice, it shows the video below.