Hackers hacked into the arrested base

American service has shown a lot of incompetence. Hackers from the Crackas With Attitude group have been able to break JABS security. This is a database containing the names of all the people who have been arrested on their account.

The Crackas With Attitude Group has long been severely labeled by the American service. Earlier this year, members broke into the personal mail account of CIA director John Brenner and published many classified information. Now they have succeeded in making another breakthrough on the much more secure purpose of the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS).

This is a secure database that is accessible to FBI agents and uniformed services, including data on the detainees, as well as tools to share information about terrorist attacks and active killers. There are also police informant data.

It is not known how hackers got into the database, but it is known for sure that such an attack took place because they themselves praised it by posting on the web screen. Cybercriminals have used it to obtain the names and personal data of some 3,000 government employees who have already been posted online.